Elderberry Cuttings - 100 or 1000 bulk discount lots available
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Elderberry Plant Cuttings - 100 or 1000 bulk discount lots available (PLEASE NOTE - CUTTINGS WILL NOT SHIP UNTIL APROX. JAN 10TH)

You can order as many or as few as you would like. You may Mix-N-Match the varieties however you like and the bulk discount will be automatically applied to your cart one you reach the order amounts of either 100 or 1000. If you wish to order more than 1000, please choose the bulk option that represents the amounts you wish to order.

Various Varieties available including:

Adams Variety:

Early ripening with very large clusters of purplish/black berries. Sweeter than most elderberries and somewhat self fruitful. One of the oldest cultivars from new York. These plants are the tallest with excellent yields.

Bob Gordon Variety:

The new cultivar Bob Gordon had a larger berry and yielded nearly triple that of Adams 2. Inverts head upside down which protects berries from birds. The Bob Gordon was the number one producer in trials and researchers are confident Bob Gordon is a truly superior cultivar for the Midwest and other areas of the country. One of the newest cultivars this plants is sought out by winemakers for its higher brix.

Eridu Variety:

Homogenous collection. Native to Missouri River Region. Original native berries found on our farm in 1968. Extremely vigorous, uniform clusters of medium size berries, very sweet, productive, and prolific multiplier.

Ranch Variety:

This hardy short plant seems to be most tolerant to harsh conditions. The stockiness provides a lower fruiting canopy for those short pickers. Single stemmed. Tends to grow upright and is not bushy. Grows well on less fertile soils.

WyldeWood 1 Variety:

A vigorous producer that is first to reach bud break in spring and is the latest to ripen. Tends toward having three umbrels on each stem. WW1 came in second at university trials and showed a potential of 12,000 pounds per acre. This will be the first varietal released by the University of Missouri. This is our main commercial variety. Its unique processing properties and high yields make it the most popular.

WyleWood 2 Variety:

This is the flower production variety. Its pungent and loose flower heads make it perfect for elderflower production. Another introduction from Marge Milican. This is a vigorous grower and has great potential.

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Elderberry Cuttings - 100 or 1000 bulk discount lots available

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